In this section you will find strategies for using The Value Machine in a variety of ways to suit you own personal betting preferences. 


Replicate The Festival Value Service

This is a strategy for those of you have signed up during a big festival and wish to replicate the selections of my Festival Value Service.

Set up the manual scan setting as follows:

No price restrictions.

All Bookies

Minimum Value Bookies: 2

Max Selections per race: 3

I would then run 3 manual scans on the festival meeting only between 9.45am and 10.30am and back all selections found to 2 point level stakes win (below 5/1) or 1 point each way (5/1 and above)

If you wish to have the selections sent to you automatically via Telegram use the same settings as above and set the time on on telegram from 9.45 to 10.30. Back all selections that are received in the same way as above.

Low Risk/Low Workload

This is a useful strategy if you don't have a large amount of time to place bets each day or simply don't want to back many selections.

Run the software with the following settings:

Min Price: 2.75

Max Price: 4.0

All bookies (or all that you have accounts with)

Minimum Value Bookies : 2

Max Selections Per race: 1 (Lowest Priced)

Advised Bank is 90 points

Scan afternoon racing for bets around 10.30am and then scan again 45 minutes before the first race of the evening for evening bets.

This will throw up an average of a couple of bets a day (sometimes none, sometimes 6) with a high strike rate. The selections will be easy to get on to reasonable stakes as they are short priced and they will have a win strike rate of around 35%.

A nice low risk, low work strategy.

It can also be spiced up (and profitability improved significantly) by putting the selections into doubles where possible to do so. If you choose to put them in doubles, I would advise a 400 point bank for them.



Big Price Betfair SP Strategy

This strategy focusses on the big priced selections. These selections are most profitable with BOG bookmakers of course,  but even at Betfair SP after 5% commission, they have made decent profits over the last 5 years. .

The settings you will need are:

Min Price: 23.00 - No Max Price

All bookies - Min Value Bookies: 1

Max selections per race: 2

I would run the software mid to late morning and then again mid afternoon for evening racing.

However, please be cautious with this strategy as you are likely to encounter some very long losing runs! I would advise a 500 point bank if betting 1 point win only and a 300 point bank if betting each way.


Duplicate The Morning Value Service

The Morning Value Service is my long running premium service upon which the selection process of The Value Machine is based.

The Value Machine can be set up to produce broadly similar (if not identical) selections to The Morning Value Service with the following strategy.

Run the Value Machine at around 10.30 am each day with the following settings:

Price Range: 2.0 to 21.0
All Bookmakers
Min Value Bookies: 2
Max Selections Per Race: 3

I would advise a minimum bank size of 250 points.