You don't need to know anything about horses to smash the bookies with this push-button simple, use anytime, anywhere, profit pumping machine...


Dear Value Seeker,


What you are about to read will revolutionise your betting forever.

I believe it has the power to turn you into a profitable punter at the click of a button.

Bold claims, for sure.

But I have the evidence to back them up.

First, let me tell you a little about how I got to this point and why I’m qualified to make those bold claims.

My name is Kieran Ward and I'm a professional punter, blogger and tipster. I’ve been toiling at the coalface of professional betting for close to 20 years now and for the last 8 I’ve been online writing about what I do alongside running one of the most profitable tipping services in the country (quite possibly the MOST profitable!).

And you know what?

I absolutely love what I do.

I’m in a very privileged position.

I make a great living.

I don’t answer to an idiot boss.

I have no endless commute

I get the true joy that comes from generating my own income and living by my wits.

Best of all, I get to help other people make money from their betting every single day.

That gives me a lot of pleasure!

However, I mustn’t kid myself. Or you. 

Things weren’t always as good as they are now.

I spent the first 15 to 20 years of my gambling odyssey as a clueless gambler.

If you know anything about my story, you’ll know that in my ‘wilderness years’, I lost more than £50,000 betting on horses and buying the garbage that’s peddled as tips and systems by the many unscrupulous types out there.

There is a ton of B***S*** being sold and I've bought more than my fair share of it!

  • Dodgy tipsters
  • Hopelessly flawed systems
  • Out of date trading manuals

I guess I’m not the only one who’s been suckered by these shysters. You’ve probably done something similar yourself.

I spent years chasing the dream of making my living from betting – and not even coming close!

There were many occasions where I nearly gave up.

In fact, I was forced to give up a few times while I replenished my coffers doing whatever mind numbing, tedious job I was suffering through at the time.

What kept me going was the knowledge that THERE WERE PEOPLE OUT THERE LIVING MY DREAM – earning their living solely from betting and not having to put up with a job in the workaday world.

And I realised something else early in my search. 

My losses were the price of my education.


Every loss and wrong turn I took, moved me one step closer to the things that do work and one step closer to achieving my dream.

That realisation made me persevere, made me plough on when all logic told me to quit.

And eventually, my efforts began to pay off.

I learnt the key aspects of making my betting pay – discipline, a plan, record keeping, a betting bank. Betting like it’s a business not a hobby.

It’s not the glamorous stuff  but it's more than half the battle.

As the lessons began to sink in, things slowly improved - I was no longer losing money hand over fist – in fact, I wasn’t losing money at all after a while.

However, my real eureka moment came when I finally grasped the importance of VALUE.

Most of the tipsters out there are in the “find a winner at any price” camp. And sure, if you have a 100% win strike rate that’s a great camp to be in!

Unfortunately, nobody does.

The truth is, that to make consistent long term profits, you have to be consistently backing horses at a bigger price than their true chance of winning the race.

That’s value betting.

For me, it was a life-changing realisation, without value there were no long-term profits.

You won’t get the winner every time, or even most of the time, but as long as you’re getting your bets on at bigger prices than they truly should be – you’re guaranteed to make money in the long term.

These profitable ‘value betting opportunities’ occur when the bookmaker has plain “got it wrong” and is offering far too big a price.

And the good news is, that occurs a lot more often than you might think – the odds compilers are not infallible. How can they be? They have to price up every single runner in every single race.

Over the years...

I’ve become expert at spotting when the bookies have made a mistake.

It’s that expertise which finally enabled me to realise my dream and make my living from betting.

Furthermore, it’s that expertise that has enabled me to run The Morning Value Service for more than 10 years now and ensure that it is among the most profitable (if not the most profitable!) tipping service in the country.

But, let's face it, this is not about me, it's about you.

You want to make your betting pay.

You want to get the upper hand on the bookies.

And that brings me to the point of this letter.


The Value Machine 2.0
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The upgraded version of my ‘selections on demand’ value-finding software, built with an unwavering commitment to you getting the upper-hand on the bookies.


  • New and improved
  • Push-button simple
  • Even more profitable

I've got so much to tell you about The Value Machine 2.0 but first the backstory...

Back in 2016, after 5 years running The Morning Value Service, I developed The Value Machine software as a ‘push button solution’ to horse racing value finding.

I based it on the selection process I had perfected in my Morning Value Service (still going strong after more than 10 years and 5,000 points profit!)

It was designed to allow ordinary punters to be able to find value horse racing selections at the click of a button and in a very customisable way.

I launched the software in September 2016 and all available memberships sold out in 4 days.

Since that time, I have only made spaces publicly available on just one occasion.

The reason for that? Once people have used The Value Machine, they tend to stick around.

Lots of original members are still with me and here’s what just a handful of them have said about the software over the years (including some that have come in since testing of TVM 2.0 began in July 2021)


Member Testimonials

"A quick update on my results using the Value Machine since 4th October (spreadsheet attached): Bets 1469, Wins 341 - £20 stakes resulted in £4334.80 clear profit and an ROI of just under 15%. Well done to all concerned!"

AW, Northern Ireland

"I think the selections hit the mark, 49.5 points up in two days !!"

Anon, London

"As it's been 3 months since I've been using the Value Machine I thought
I'd drop a line to say how it's gone for me. Bloody fantastic !! Up to
yesterday I have 255 points of profit. I've settled on settings of 3 to
11 and aim to get 25-30 bets on per day. My plan at the start was to try
to get 1000 points profit in a year (have to say I thought it cloud
cuckoo land at first but I'm on target). It was an odd feeling at first
betting on a concept rather than some bloke sending me a list of
selections but this Machine just works. Having said that I had a rare
losing week just gone dropping 30 points, but that's the only one I've
had. Had to write as I'm absolutely delighted with this service. SBC state
that 'you run the machine, put your bets and collect your money' which
pretty much sums it up."

David G, England

"6 winners from 16 selections including a 16/1 and a 10/1 for about 36 points profit"

Anon, England

"Just finished my 2 week trial. 17pts profit to level stakes plus doubled a 5% bank. Looks the real deal! Many thanks."

GC, England

"...over 100 points up this week, needless to say very happy!"

KC, Scotland

"I set the machine from 2/1 to 4/1 and it has provided 589 bets since late October at 105 points profit - phenomenal mate."

Bob B, England

"First of all just to say that I love this software. Last count I was
212 points up after starting on 30th September. It's really done the
business so far."

DW, England

"Quick update - I'm still paper-trading but am now 35 points up, and that's after a minus 16 point start."

SF, England

"First I would like to say how impressed I am with this program.
It found me lots of winners yesterday, and I am well ahead so far."

SS, Scotland

"My first outing with The Value Machine was yesterday. With the
settings I put into the program it offered 9 runners in 8 races,
with a further offering during the evening. Two I discounted
because I couldn't get the price - one of them won.

Of the other 8 there were 4 winners, a profit on the day of 11.5

That's brilliant."

IW, England

"I tried the software today and managed to place a few bets just after 11am. 6 winners from 16 selections including a 16/1 and a 10/1 for about 36 points profit"

MA, Wales

"The Value Machine has given me over 6000 euros in one year! Thanks a lot Kieran!"

V-M H, Finland


What the experts think about it:

When it comes to an honest, really comprehensive review of a tipping product, one site is head and shoulders above the rest.

That site is Smart Betting Club.

After they carried out their usual, thorough due diligence on The Value Machine, they asked if they could promote it as one of their own premium products - one of only a handful ever to receive that honour.

Furthermore, while I won't name any names, some of the owners of the top reviews sites in the industry are regular users of The Value Machine

The customers love it.

The experts love it.

I think we’ve established that The Value Machine is a very good piece of software indeed!

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So, What Is The Value Machine and Why Do People Love It So Much?

Let me tell you a little bit more about how it works:

Every time you click the run button on The Value Machine, it applies a set of complex selection criteria to every runner of the day before carrying out a detailed analysis of the live betting market to identify any runners at value prices.

The Machine then fires out the value selections with the price to take and the bookmaker/bookmakers offering that price. All you have to do is put the bets on with the bookies at the advised prices.


You don’t have to download or install anything – The Machine has been designed as a web application. All you have to do is login to a membership site, run the machine and pick up your selections!

You don’t even have to be on your PC – you can login to the site and run the machine from your tablet or even your phone.

Let me repeat just how simple it is to use ‘The Value Machine’

  • Log in to the members site
  • Click the run button
  • Place your bets where advised
  • Count your money at the end of the month!
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There are also a number of ways you might choose to customise The Value Machine to make it suit your own betting preferences.


You like betting short prices?

Choose maximum and minimum price selections that the Value Machine will scan for


You’re restricted at Ladbrokes (for example)?

Choose which bookmakers you want included/excluded when you run your value scan


Want to spread your bets around?

Choose a minimum number of bookmakers that the value price is being offered by 


You don’t like betting multiple selections in a single race?

Choose a maximum number of selections per race that The Value Machine will identify

get access now


Here are just some of the things The Value Machine makes possible: 

Replicate the incredible results of the Morning Value Service – if you secure access to The Value Machine, you will be able to replicate the results of The Morning Value Service yourself at the click of a button. 

Improve upon those results!  - You may even be able to improve upon those results as The Morning Value Service uses value selections identified at 2 very specific times each day. With The Value Machine, you can run a scan at any time you like. And just as crucially, as many times as you like! You will find more bets that way - but at the same predictable level of value.

Which, in the long term, means greater profits

Your Machine Doesn’t Need a Day Off  - It’s worth noting that I’ve never sent out tips on The Morning Value Service on a Sunday – all the profits generated were produced during a 6-day week. The Value Machine, however, doesn’t need a day off – nor does it take holidays!

Again, in the long term, this means greater profits

Bet when you want, where you want - With the Value Machine, there is no need to be available to place bets at particular times each day. You simply run the software when you have a few moments and you don’t need to be sat beside your PC – access The Value Machine direct from your tablet or even your phone.

The Value Machine is the perfect value finding solution for users who are out of the house during the day and only get to grab a few minutes at odd times. Whenever you are available, The Value Machine will identify value price selections in seconds, at the click of a button.

As you can run The Value Machine whenever it suits you, you don’t face the issue of trying to secure a price at the same time as everybody else following a tipster. No more chasing a rapidly disappearing price! 

Automate your record keeping - Another nifty feature that we’ve added to The Value Machine - once you have backed a selection, you tick a box next to its name and it’s transferred to another record keeping area. That ensures that it won’t appear in subsequent value scans and there is no danger of you backing it twice.

At the end of the day, The Value Machine, sorts those bets for you, works out the results and gives you a running profit and loss total. You can then export your results to an excel spreadsheet, csv file or, on a big win day, even print them out if you like!

Detailed recording of all your bets is essential in putting your betting on a professional footing and The Value Machine has you covered.

This feature alone saves me a vast amount of time each month! 

Even more importantly, with The Value Machine, here are the things you don't have to do:

  • Spend years learning the intricacies of form study
  • Spend half your life trawling through racing result stats
  • Devote hours each day to analysing betting market trends and patterns

All of that is being done for you!

All you have to do is log in and click a button!

You get to piggy back my years of experience, hard work and betting know how - adding regular substantial sums to your back pocket without getting involved in any of the drudgery necessary to consistently find 'value'

You get to piggy back on the months of hard work and thousands and thousands of pounds spent developing The Value Machine.

In short, The Value Machine is a piece of precision software that has been developed with great care and at great expense.

It enables anybody, even somebody with zero experience and little time, to find guaranteed value selections at the click of a button. 

It’s been a game changer and has made a lot of money for a lot of people.

However, I'm not one to sit on my laurels.

So earlier this year, as The Value Machine approached its 5th birthday, I decided that the time had come for a complete overhaul and upgrade to the software.

I brought a new ‘software genius’ on board and, for the last few months, he and I have been working like trojans to make The Value Machine even better.

It's taken a bit of time - and a lot of sweat and tears - but we finally got there.

So, finally, let me tell you a bit more about The Value Machine 2.0

Value Machine 2.0 offers all the amazing original benefits plus some game changing improvements and upgrades

  • Lightning fast 'real time' odds feed - ensuring that all advised prices are available .
  • Automated results recording - Results and Profit calculated to your exact stakes for win or each way bets
  • Telegram alerts - Get your customised selections instantly and automatically delivered to your phone/pc/mobile device
  • Updated selection algorithm producing even higher profitability!


We have been live testing the profitability of Value Machine 2.0 since the middle of July and the results have been little short of astounding.

Here are those results in details:

Between 13th July and 3rd August The Value Machine 2.0 identified 1634 bets (a lot of bets but we were using the most wide open settings possible!)

Betting those selections to £10 level stakes produced a profit of:


Let me say that again.

In just 3 weeks, betting just £10 level stakes per selection, The Value Machine 2.0 produced a profit of over £2000 with a return on investment exceeding 12%

And, that's not a fluke - nobody gets flukey over 1635 bets!

There are, of course, some important points to take into account when considering this opportunity, both for your protection and mine. This software is designed for users who can take a professional attitude to their betting and are able to devote a bit of time and care to getting their bets on. You will need: 

  • Access to a range of UK bookmaker accounts
  • A starting bank of sufficient points to cover the likely drawdowns of your preferred strike rate - based upon the prices of selections you will be concentrating on. This could be anything up to 250 points if you wish to bet in all price ranges
  • A professional attitude to your betting – you will be betting value selections and you need to get away from the mindset of ‘a winner at any price’

If that is more than you can commit to then, sadly, this opportunity will not be for you. We must go our separate ways with no hard feelings. However, if that sounds like you and you can exercise some basic common sense, please read on.
The other thing I have to make very clear is the limited nature of this offer. 

I have to limit member numbers


Fair warning, because I like to be on hand to give a ‘personal touch’ to help customers get the most out of The Value Machine, there aren’t a huge number of spaces available. And I don’t think it’ll take long to fill those spaces.
Therefore I feel it only right to let you know that I will be monitoring membership levels very carefully and reserve the right to close this offer, without prior warning, at any time.
I’m sorry to be so blunt about it but making sure that members get the best out of it is crucial.
Still with me? Good. 

I Like It Kieran, How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

How much do you think it’s worth to have: 

Access to Proven, profitable Value selections at a time (or multiple times) that suits you each day?

No ifs, buts or maybes – the selection, the price to take and the bookmaker to take it with?

Bragging rights in the pub when you regularly bag big price longshot winners?

Certainty that every bet you place is at a value price 

And most importantly of all the peace of mind that comes with my cast iron money back guarantee: 


Zero Risk 30 day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy, for ANY reason, contact me within your first 30 days as a member and I will refund your money in full. No ifs, buts or maybes.




That's right, I’m that confident that you’ll be blown away by The Value Machine, I’m prepared to take all the risk – if you don’t like it, you get your money back. No quibbles, no questions. I don’t believe I can say fairer than that!

Now, I’ve thought long and hard about where to set the price for this – finding a price that makes it affordable for you but also reflects the sheer hard work and expense I've put in.

When you consider that the service the software is based on has averaged nearly 500 points profit per year, every year since 2011, I think it would be more than fair to set the price at say £5 for each one of those points and charge £2500 per annum.

There are lots of services out charging far more for every point of profit they provide. And you have to hang around waiting for their emails!

That being said, I do want to make this affordable to everybody with an interest in making a serious income from their horse racing betting. With that in mind I’ve decided to make access to the software available at a level that will allow profits to be made even with tiny stakes.

There are four payment options available for The Value Machine – 3 of which include an incredible introductory offer for the first two weeks - like I said, I want everybody to be able to give this a try!

I’m so confident that you will love The Value Machine that I am prepared to let you try it out, completely risk free, for 2 weeks at the incredible price of:


For a tiny £7, you get to poke and prod around, try multiple settings to see what suits you and generally put The Value Machine through its paces for a whole 14 days.

Only then, if you are completely happy, will you be charged the full price of £57 per month, £147 per quarter or £497 per year.

If not, simply let me know and I will cancel your payment.

Finally, but most importantly, I like to reward customers who are able to take the long term view and sign up for a year immediately

That being the case, the final (and best value) payment option is this:

Sign up for a year today for the incredible discounted price of £347.

That represents a massive discount and is by far and away the best price The Value Machine has ever been offered at.

Later in the year when I go for a larger, public launch of the software, an annual subscription will cost £497 at the very least. This discounted price will NEVER be repeated again.

AND - you still get the 30 day no quibble money back guarantee!

Trial Options

£7 trial and Monthly Option

14 days access to The Value Machine for £7 followed by recurring monthly payments of £57 each month

submit button

£7 trial and Quarterly Option - 14% saving

14 days access to The Value Machine for £7 followed by recurring quarterly payments of £147 each quarter

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£7 trial and Annual Option - 29% saving

14 days access to The Value Machine for £7 followed by recurring annual payments of £497 each year

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Discounted Annual Option

Discounted Annual Option - 49% saving!!

A Full 12 months immediate access to the Value Machine for the special price of £347 recurring every 12 months.

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So there you have it, for the paltry sum of just £7 you can secure your access to The Value Machine software that has:

Produced consistent, substantial profits for users over the last 5 years

and gives:

The chance to consistently be on selections at a value price - the key to long term profitability

No room for error – the horse, the price, the bookmaker with no flannel.

A no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee

All that remains is for me to thank you wholeheartedly for taking the time to read this letter and wish you the very best of luck with your future betting activities – whatever you decide. 

All the very best, 

Kieran Ward

The Value Machine 

PS Don’t forget, I’m shouldering all the risk with this  – my 30 day money back guarantee ensures that if you are not happy – this won’t cost you a penny! This allows you the freedom to paper trade the selections if you’re more comfortable with that.

PPS The last time I made a betting offer of this nature, it sold out completely in under a week – and has very rarely had any spaces available since. I urge you to act quickly to avoid disappointment!

PPPS You can get involved for just £7 for the next two weeks!