Below you will find all the information you need to promote The Value Machine to your list. This a great piece of software which offers excellent value for money and I’m confident it will sell very well for you.


Here is everything you need to know:


Dates and Times


Pre- launch begins at 12.00 GMT (Mid-day UK time) on Wednesday 21st September. Please do NOT send traffic to the page before then as it will NOT be live!

You will be sending your prospects to this page: (not currently live)

from where they can opt in to get a really top notch free system and will then receive the further pre-launch copy. This approach has proven to be highly effective on numerous occasions in our niche.

You can Download and view the system manual HERE

Thereafter prospects will receive the following further content:

Friday 23rd Sept – Video presentation outlining my story. The objective of this is to bond and begin to build credibility.  You can view that page and video HERE

Monday 26th Sept – Further video and PDF as proof of the excellent results of the Value Services (the methods of which has been used to develop the software) over the last 5 years. That PDF is available to view here

Wednesday 28th Sept - A second free element – Video and downloadable PDF report outlining the concept of value and identifying some methods of identifying it. You can view that PDF here

Thursday 29th Sept– A further email will be sent to prospects reminding them that launch day is tomorrow and why they need to get in early if they want to get on board.

Friday 30th Sept – The Value machine goes live at middday GMT. I strongly encourage you to email your lists again at this point to optimize your commissions.

Sales price, Commissions, Affiliate Programme Details

The Value Machine will have 2 payment options:

£7+ vat f0r 2 weeks initial trial then £57+vat recurring monthly


£7 + vat for initial 2 weeks trial followed by £147+vat recurring quarterly

Your commissions are 50% of net sales ongoing.

The products have been approved by clickbank and the hoplink to use is:

(where the words YOURCLICBANKID are replaced by your clickbank ID!)


I will send out three sample emails shortly from which to craft an email(s) to your list on Wednesday 21st September.

I strongly urge you to create your own copy for the emails rather than simply send one of the three I have created. If you would like help with this, just let me know.


Further Information

If I haven’t answered all of your questions here, please drop me a line at

Many, many thanks for agreeing to be a part of this – I think the launch will create a real buzz around what is an excellent value product.

Kind regards