Fast-track Your Way to a Professional Betting Edge by ‘Looking over my shoulder’ and Follow the Value Bets That Have Been Exploiting the Bookies’ Vulnerability For More Than A Decade

Stop Chasing Winners, Skip The Learning Curve, Start Backing Value

Dear reader,

Let me just say something straight off the bat.

There’s no need to keep struggling to find an edge on the bookies. There’s an easier way to life-changing profits and I guarantee it!

I know that’s a pretty bold headline and it’s really not my style to be so dramatic, but this is so exciting I feel compelled to be bold.

I also know that you might be wary of my boldness. After all, there’s no shortage of ‘tipsters’ out there claiming that they’re in the know and promising riches if only you’d follow them in.

I know that no matter how strong your desire to make your betting pay is, trying to sort the wheat from the chafe out there can be a very difficult proposition.

I'm guessing that you've also tried going it alone... Spent hundreds of hours you can ill afford watching races, poring over form, studying trends, devising systems and on and on

Maybe you’ve seen other people winning and wondered 'why not me?'.

Wondering just what it is you’re doing wrong.

Worst of all, if you’ve been at it a while, you can start to wonder if it can
ever happen for you.

Will it forever remain an elusive goal? (and a very painful one at that!)

Let me tell you right now, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In my more than a dozen years providing profitable betting advice, there’s one important piece that people overlook repeatedly..

Most people think that successful, profitable betting is about constantly chasing winners.

The truth is that chasing winners doesn't work.

The most likely winner of any race is the favourite but try backing them blindly and see how far you get!

It's compelling idea though...

The thought of having a £1 on and winning £80,000 when you land the big multiple. The bookies LOVE to shout about the (very rare) occasions when that happens.

If you constantly chase the big win, you are destined for a frustrating and expensive time lining the bookies pockets.

Despite the sometimes-loud proclamations to the contrary, whether or not a particular horse will win on any particular day is in the lap of the gods. That's why chasing winners doesn't work - literally anything can happen in a race and no runner is a sure thing. .

In my experience, including 15 years spent in the betting wilderness, what all successful bettors realise in the end is that there are just two things you need to be a successful bettor:

1. A way to get an edge
2. The wherewithal to continually take advantage of that edge

Now helping you with number 2 isn't really my area of expertise!

But when it comes to number 1, you’re definitely in the right place. In my view, your edge is best created by ‘value betting’.

Value betting opportunities occur when the bookmaker has plain ‘got it wrong’ and is offering too big a price.

My MORNING VALUE SERVICE offers you a simple ‘just copy me’ way to easily and most importantly, consistently find value betting opportunities.

When you become a member of the Morning Value Service, you don’t have to concern yourself with:

· Spending years learning the intricacies of form study
· Spending an age trawling through racing result statistics
· Devoting hours each morning to analysing betting market trends and patterns

I’ll be the one shouldering that burden.

All you have to do is follow me in!

You can “piggy back” my years of hard work, experience and betting know-how, adding regular, substantial sums to your back pocket with none of the drudgery involved.

I'm not going to waste your time with all manner of hypey claims about The Morning Value Service - the plain unvarnished facts speak for themselves.

Over the past 11 years (how many services do you know of that have been running for 11 years!), The Morning Value Service has made my small band of subscribers significant, life-enhancing profits!!

There are very few services (for that read none!) that have proofed and proven profits across xxxxx number of bets and a full 11 years.

Most people have to struggle through a full year of wage slavery to come anywhere close to this kind of potential income.

If you were to join this service, those yearly profits are achievable in less than one hour’s “work” a day.

Would that leave you enough time to enjoy a few of the finer things in life? Perhaps that expensive hobby you’ve always fancied? Or the little treats that you’ve never quite been able to make time for, or been able to afford?
Far be it for me to tell you how to spend your money. You’re considerably better qualified to do that than me. Suffice to say, I’m sure that kind of money would come in very handy!

Now, profits like these are usually only achieved with years of experience and endless hours of hard graft.

In the same way many people go to university, get a decent job and spend years working their way up the corporate ladder, building expertise and experience as they go along - I spent those years scratching around, losing money or just about breaking even, paying my dues and learning the game inside out before I ever managed to turn a profit.

It took a lot of hard work, false trails and dead ends before I was able to unerringly identify these opportunities and really “get paid”. But, as I’ve already mentioned, when the rewards finally did come, they were more than I’d ever believed possible.
For many years now, I’ve been a successful, professional gambler, concentrating mainly on UK horseracing.
Now that sounds like quite a glamorous life doesn’t it? Conjuring up images of champagne at the races, chauffeur driven cars and lots of easy money on tap.
Unfortunately the reality of professional betting is that it takes hard work, dedication, discipline and years of experience to make consistent profits from horse racing.
That’s why 98% of bettors lose money. They simply don’t put in the work. They’re not prepared to serve the ‘apprenticeship’. (I wonder whether we should soften this language a little bit – it’s like we’re giving them a lecture & certainly doesn’t seem as though we’re empathising with the difficulties of doing it).

What I’m offering here is the opportunity to skip that hard graft. A way to become one of the 2%.
However, there is something I need to make very clear right from the start.
This opportunity will not be suitable for everybody.
Not only are the spaces in this ‘insider group’ severely limited, the fact is, some people will simply not be right for this.
I’ll come back to why a little later.

Firstly though, I want to acknowledge that this opportunity may sound too good to be true. It‘s probably worth mentioning here that some people are frightened by the concept of making life-changing sums of money for such a small investment of time and effort. They worry that such sums of money are inaccessible for ordinary people or that there must be a huge level of risk involved, that it must be a scam.

Let’s nip those fears in the bud right now.

You’ll never be risking more than 0.3% of your capital on any one investment - a safe, conservative staking strategy.

In addition to that, I have such confidence that these advices will make money that I’m prepared to offer what I believe is an absolutely unprecedented
cast iron ‘profit guarantee’

‘If we don’t hit a set profit target, based on length of subscription, your membership will continue, completely free of charge, until that profit target is achieved!’

How many times have you joined tipping services that promised the earth, then completely failed to deliver? I’ve joined plenty myself and I’m sure you have too. Unfortunately, the betting world is full of them. Big claims, no substance.

This is very different.

I’m prepared to back up my claims with my ‘cast iron profit guarantee’. No other tipping service is prepared to do that. I wonder why not?

Here’s exactly how it will work:

If you decide to join for 3 months, I personally guarantee that the service will make at least 10 points profit – or your membership will continue, completely without charge until such time as 10 points profit has been made.

If you join for 6 months, I personally guarantee that the service will make at least 20 points profit or your membership will be extended, completely without charge, until such time as 20 points profit has been made.

If you take up the best value annual subscription, I personally guarantee that the service will make at least 40 points profit or your membership will be extended, completely without charge until such time as 40 points profit has been made.

Ask any of the other services out there whether they are prepared to guarantee your profits like that.

I think I know what the answer will be already.

Let me explain a little more about the “nuts and bolts” of the service.

I’ll spend the night before racing analysing each and every horse running the next day. My final adjustments will be made in real time when the bookmakers release their early prices. (This is when the “old enemy” is most vulnerable and exactly when we will strike.)

All of that is my job.

All you need to do is follow the detailed instructions contained in the emails!
The selections will be mailed out at 10.30am. The number of value investments will vary from day to day but they will average about 15. This might seem a lot of selections per day but it allows us to ‘turn our money over’ quickly and make substantial profits even when betting to small stakes.

To clarify, here’s exactly what you will be getting if you secure a spot:

Precision value selections directly to your inbox every morning

Clear, concise instructions on exactly what you have to do

A genuine opportunity to make a full time wage from an hour's “work” a day

My unique, personal “profit guarantee”

There are, of course, some important points to consider when taking out a subscription. Both for your protection and mine. This service is designed for members who can take a professional attitude to their betting and are able to devote a bit of time and care each morning to getting their bets on.

You will need to be beside your computer, to place bets as quickly as possible, for a maximum of an hour between 10.30 am and 11.30 am each day (apart from Sunday when we will all have a day off!)

You will need to have (or be able to open) accounts with all of the bookmakers who appear on the price comparison site oddschecker.

You will need to have the professional attitude/experience to realise that making profits from your betting is a long term proposition and there will be losing runs. You need the ability to keep focussed on the bigger picture and not be overly concerned with short term performance. I cannot stress enough -this is critical.

Have some money set aside, separate from your other money, with which to bet. To follow these selections successfully, you will need a betting bank of at least 250 points.

How much would you be prepared to pay for a service that provides all these benefits?

Selections straight to your inbox every morning

Profit of £5451.65 in 35 days testing – more than doubling the betting bank

All the hard work already done for you

Personal telephone access to me to help with any questions or queries you might have.

My unprecedented profit guarantee

In setting the price for this service I have considered a number of factors in arriving at a figure that I believe is fair to both you and me.

If you were to employ a private handicapper to find selections for you, they would charge you in excess of £30,000 a year. And there would certainly be no guarantee of profits.

I know of a number of (admittedly very good) tipsters charging their members upwards of £5k per annum for their services and still not delivering the life changing profits I am confident of achieving.

But, I don’t want this to be available only to people with already fat bank balances.
What would be the point in that? So I have decided to set the annual membership at a price that I believe could be fully recouped during your very first month of membership.

For calculation purposes, during the trial period, if you had followed my selections at 16/1 or below betting at just £20 a point, you would have made £2,180.60 in profit.

So, I think an annual membership costs of £2200 would be more than fair.

But I want to make this even more affordable.

So I’ve decided to slash that price for people who are prepared to come on board right from the very beginning and I’ve decided to enhance affordability even further by offering a limited number of shorter membership options. There is no guarantee, however, that these shorter options will be available for long. Once the service is full, I will have to give preference to members who have taken out longer subscriptions. I think that’s only fair.
In fact, for a limited time, I’m offering an additional discount just to those of you who have been reading

I have set the following subscription rates for a limited time:

3 months - £400.00

6 months - £700.00

12 months - £1200.00

To allow subscribers to try this out with absolutely zero risk, I am prepared to offer a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee. Try the service for 30 days. If for any reason you find it is not right for you, let me know and I will refund every penny of your subscription fees. No questions asked.

So, to recap, you can lock in all these amazing benefits:

Proven, profitable value selections delivered in ‘real time’ each morning.

Personal, telephone access to me to help with any questions you might have.

Selections that produced £5451.65 in tax free profits during the 35 day testing period!

30 day no quibble, money back guarantee.

My absolutely unprecedented “cast iron profit guarantee”

Remember, there are just 17 places left. Membership will be closed as soon as those spots are filled, possibly forever. If you feel this is of interest, I urge you to take action immediately and click the order now button.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

All that remains is for me to thank you sincerely for your time and attention and wish you the very best of luck, whatever you decide.


Kieran Ward

P.S. Don’t forget you can try this out entirely without risk with my unheard of double guarantee
For 30 days you can try this on approval. If you find it’s not for you, for whatever reason, I’ll give you your money back.